I want to learn everything. But still don’t want to be
jack of all trees master of none

What I did previously?
I was busy creating web spiders for a used car price analysis project
What I am doing currently?
I am creating data analysis programs for medium sized data

What I want to do?
I want to work with bigger systems
server machine

My interests:
  • Problem solving
  • Science and technology
  • Travelling
  • Drawing
  • Yoga and meditation
My Area of interest:
Data analysis, Big data, Text processing, Data structures and algorithms

My Source of Inspiration
Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India
My Favorite Quotes:

There is nothing impossible to him who will try.
  -Alexander the Great
Learn from the mistakes of others.
 You can't live long enough to make them all yourselves!
My childhood days:
Played science games
                              dave game
Played video games
And got inspiration to create some games my own in future days

My school days:
Liked mathematics very much
And explored mathematics with fun!

My college days:
Created Timetable ++
Timetable ++ is automatic timetable scheduling
software for schools and college

Won best project award for this project!
  Genetic algorithm(Selection and Mutation) is used in this timetable generation software. Genetic algorithm reduces infinite number of iteration to a finite number for getting a fittest timetable.

Genetic Algorithm:
 Created games in java

Hari at work:
What people says about me:

                  Out of the box thinker

Creatively solved

Basically VIN number is vehicle identification number. We used VINquery Service for decoding car details like manufacturer company, manufacturing year, etc. We have billions of VIN numbers to decode. This created overhead to the system for requesting details for every car and also every request is charged. Hari have found a innovative way to solve this problem by creating pattern for VIN numbers. Every VIN number pattern will give details for a particular manufacturer, model and year. This simply solved the problem.

Buddha got enlightenment under Bo tree Newton found gravity under apple tree I believe, I too get new ideas under tree
buddha under tree
newton under tree
me under tree